In the immediate aftermath of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, a number of Republicans felt … not shame, exactly, but some measure of concern that even their base might not hold with the idea of conducting a violent insurgency to overturn an election. Those concerns were not strong enough to prevent eight senators from voting to refuse to accept the results of the Electoral College even after the Senate filed back into place after the National Guard arrived on scene. It certainly didn’t bother some of the 147 Republicans in the House who voted for the same thing. That included Rep. Mo Brooks, whose speech on the rally stage included repeatedly encouraging those present to take violent action, and who claimed he had “discerned soon after the November 3 election that honest American citizens have been victims of the largest voter fraud and election theft scheme in American history.”

Still, on Jan. 6 itself, overturning the election was a minority position in the Republican Party. Even most of those like Kevin McCarthy, who defended casting their vote to please Trump, did so while making this clear: “The debate and votes were not about overturning an election or federalizing elections. Last night Congress fulfilled its constitutional duty, and Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States.” There were only four representatives on record—Paul Gosar, Louie Gohmert, Ronny Jackson, and Marjorie Taylor Greene—who were willing to stand up and say they felt that the election was decided by voter fraud.

Then a funny thing happened. Republicans did the same prairie dog act that followed every moment of extremism over the last four years. They cautiously sniffed around, issuing statements of concern. They braced to bolt should this prove to be a step too far. Then, when it became clear that nothing is too far for the Q-loving base, they rushed back in to adopt the extremism as if they had never had a doubt about the justice of … calling Mexicans rapists, scorning Gold Star families, sneering at NATO, embracing Russia, calling veterans losers, openly cheering on Nazis, and, yup, attempting to overturn the election.

And over time, the Big Lie moved from something that was the particular madness of one man to an ever more central tenet of the Republican Party.

In Arizona, the “forensic audit” being carried out in Maricopa County by the inexperienced Trump fans at Cyber Ninjas is locked in stasis after the ballots were all counted, machines were all examined, interviews were all conducted, yet the Ninjas keep insisting that it’s not enough. It’s not enough because they didn’t find anything. They didn’t find anything because there was nothing to find. At the same time their count was going on, the state’s county election officials conducted a ballot-by-ballot review of every county, including Maricopa. What they found was a total of 182 objectionable ballots in the whole state. Only a few of these ballots are thought to represent real intentional action, and the whole set is divided about equally between Republicans and Democrats. 

What’s clear in Arizona is that the “audit,” which has already missed at least two deadlines, has no real end. It can’t be allowed to end unless they find widescale fraud, and there is no fraud, so it can’t end.

So what happens now? Well … why not do the same thing in Pennsylvania? Joe Biden won Pennsylvania by over 80,000 votes, putting it outside the range of any reasonable recount, or even any imaginable means of fraud. That hasn’t stopped Republicans in the state legislature from waging a months-long war to engage in an Arizona-style “audit” to provide Trump with more ammunition for his false claims. Despite repeated objections from Republican officials across the state, supporting such an audit has become de rigueur for Republicans heading into the 2022 election. The Associated Press is now reporting that supporting such an audit is “a litmus test in an election cycle where an open governor’s office and an open U.S. Senate seat”—and it seems ever more likely to happen.

Who is the driving force behind the demand? That would be state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who claims Trump asked him to run for governor. Mastriano isn’t just pushing for the audit—it’s become the focus of his campaign and his fundraising. Other Republicans are falling into support because they’re more afraid of letting Mastriano be seen as closer to Trump than they are of taking action that at best wastes massive amounts of money fruitlessly, and at worst fundamentally undermines democracy.

But wait. Pennsylvania is not alone in facing their own increasingly probable Ninja-style election slice and dice. Another state where a push for such an action is gaining steam is … Texas. 

As The Washington Post reports, the Republican-dominated Texas state legislature is edging ever closer to putting in their own request to get their ballots sniffed for bamboo. Democratic officials have tried to remind Republicans of two things: One, there is absolutely no evidence of any fraud. Two, Trump already won Texas.

It doesn’t matter. Because at this point Republicans have already written the idea that Trump lost because of fraud into the record books. That’s a GOP-given. The new target can be simply described as “voting: how can there be less of it?” Months before the 2020 election, Trump claimed that he couldn’t possibly lose, and that any results showing that he lost are proof of fraud. For 2022, Republicans want to make that an absolute truism by making sure that any result they don’t like can simply be set aside.

In any case, it sure is nice that all these states are stepping up to pay for useless audits designed to do nothing but demonstrate loyalty to Trump and provide more fuel for the Big Lie. Because Trump’s not doing it. Despite having collected $75 million for a PAC supposedly aimed at fighting election fraud, “the group has not devoted funds to help finance the ongoing ballot review in Arizona or to push for similar endeavors in other states.” And really, why should they? 

Now that they’ve touched the stove and found it not all that hot, Republicans are increasingly happy about supporting the Big Lie. That’s because, unlike many of Trump’s statements (like hating POWs) that at worst provide no benefit, this one certainly does. Backed by the Big Lie, Republicans are not just calling for nonsense audits, they’re passing hundreds of laws across the nation to make it harder for people to vote, altering the balance to make sure that together with the already lopsided Senate and gerrymandered districts, they can land a thousand-year right. Or reich. Whatever.

Too bad that ending a Senate rule that everyone acknowledges is a relic of the Jim Crow era would cause more “chaos” than allowing democracy to be destroyed. Guess this is why we can’t have nice things.

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Voting rights activist are respectfully but firmly calling bullshit on President Joe Biden’s repeated assertion that voter suppression can be overcome with activism. A number of voting rights and civil rights leaders have been holding calls with the White House on the urgency of passing new voting rights legislation—the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act—and trying to secure his help in pushing the Senate to break the filibuster to make it happen. Some of those familiar with the private calls told The New York Times that “White House officials and close allies of the president have expressed confidence that it is possible to ‘out-organize voter suppression,'” and activists are having none of that.

“I have heard an emphasis on organizing,”  Sherrilyn A. Ifill, the president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund confirmed. She met with Biden two weeks ago. She added, “we cannot litigate our way out of this and we cannot organize our way out of this.” More than 20 civil and voting rights leaders told the Times that Biden’s call for a “new coalition” to just work harder won’t cut it.

“The notion that some new coalition can be formed that would allow for greater efforts at organizing and voter turnout is perhaps a bit unrealistic,” Wade Henderson, the president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, said. “We have already formed one of the most diverse and strongest coalitions in support of voting rights that ever existed. At the end of the day, that is inadequate to the challenge of the moment. We need federal legislation.” And that means breaking the filibuster.

The White House tried to deflect the criticism. Referring to “I think it’s very clear what he said,” senior adviser Cedric Richmond said, referring back to Biden’s speech in Philadelphia where he blasted voter suppression efforts, but fell short in not addressing the filibuster. “Which is: We’re going to have to meet this challenge in the courts, in the halls of Congress and in the streets.” He did say that. But in his CNN town hall this week, Biden did put the onus on activists. “Look, the American public, you can’t stop them from voting,” Biden said. “You tried last time. More people voted last time than any time in American history, in the middle of the worst pandemic in American history. […] They’re going to show up again. They’re going to do it again.”

Then he said “you’re going to throw the entire Congress into chaos and nothing will get done. […] Nothing at all will get done.” Rev. Dr. William Barber was pointed in rebutting that in a Twitter thread Friday.

[email protected] Biden, I have no doubt you care and desire to do right, but, as a clergy person, let me say pastorally, when you say ending the filibuster will create chaos, that obscures the fact that the filibuster is facilitating chaos.— Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II (@RevDrBarber) July 23, 2021

Meanwhile, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are getting themselves arrested protesting the Senate’s refusal to end the filibuster. Because there is no other way of securing voting rights right now.

No way, no how. #ProtectTheVote— Joyce Beatty (@RepBeatty) July 20, 2021

[email protected]Caucus I was arrested today protesting against Senate inaction on voting rights legislation & filibuster reform. In the spirit of my dear friend and mentor – the late Congressman John Lewis – I was getting in #goodtrouble— Rep. Hank Johnson (@RepHankJohnson) July 22, 2021

It’s not just activists on the left. This is Bill Kristol:

Dunno. We got rid of the filibuster for judicial and executive branch nominations, and those seem to be one of the few things that do get done. Also there’s no filibuster for reconciliation—and much of the legislation that gets passed does so as part of reconciliation. 🤷‍♂️— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) July 22, 2021

Bill Kristol. Neoconservative, Weekly Standard editor and Iraq War cheerleader.

There’s another point. There are forces at work in the states that no amount of organizing and activism can overcome: Republican redistricting and gerrymandering. The Leadership Conference pointed this out to Biden in a letter sent Thursday. “The upcoming redistricting cycle is expected to bring another round of extreme gerrymandering that will disproportionately dilute the votes of people of color. All the while, a torrent of special interest secret money is funding these cynical efforts.” They write “only federal legislation can ensure that our elections are safe and free and fully protect the franchise.”

Michael Li serves, senior counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program, backs that up with data.

Again, for those in back (and at the WH), you can’t out-organize gerrymandering. In 2012 in PA, Democrats got 51% of the congressional vote but won just 5 of 18 seats. The map was so gerrymandered that even if Ds won 56% of the vote, they would have won only 6 of 18 seats.— Michael Li 李之樸 (@mcpli) July 23, 2021

“While we support the notion of a broad-based coalition of advocates, we cannot and should not have to organize our way out of the attacks and restrictions on voting that lawmakers are passing and proposing at the state level,” the members of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights wrote to Biden. “Nor can we litigate our way out of this threat to democracy. Nothing can serve as a substitute for your direct engagement and leadership in efforts to secure the passage of these critical voting rights bills.”

“Your leadership in this moment carries great weight,” they conclude, “and we look forward to continuing our work with you to fulfill the promise of our democracy for all.”

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Young undocumented immigrants met with Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House on Thursday, the second meeting in as many months, but the first following a devastating ruling from a Texas judge halting for now new applications for enrollment in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. 

Highlighting the urgency for Congressional Democrats to act on their own to pass a pathway to citizenship was 18-year-old Diana, who appeared through video chat. While she applied for first-time DACA protections six months ago, her application has now been blocked following Judge Andrew Hanen’s decision. “I am not alone in this fight,” Spanish-language outlet INP reports Diana told the vice president.

CBS News reported that as many as 81,000 first-time applications were backlogged at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) as of the end of June. “Additionally, more than 13,000 DACA renewal requests remained under review beyond the 120-day adjudication goal.” While the ruling does for now allow current and former beneficiaries to keep renewing their protections, the continued hits to the program stress the dire need for permanent relief once and for all.

32BJ member & #DACA recipient Erika (in blue) tells @VP @KamalaHarris: “I’ve risked my health & life as a janitor during the pandemic to keep Americans safe from COVID. It’s only fair to allow us to become citizens.” #WeAreHome— 32BJ SEIU (@32BJSEIU) July 22, 2021

“In today’s meeting with Vice President Harris we reminded her of the urgency of this moment, and what is at stake for millions of undocumented people,” United We Dream Executive Director Greisa Martinez Rosas said in a statement received by Daily Kos. “Last week’s court ruling on DACA was gut wrenching for millions of families, and tens of thousands of immigrant youth who were waiting on deportation reprieve and a work permit now remain in limbo.”

The upcoming budget reconciliation package represents the best chance in many years to win the passage of a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants, as well as farmworkers and temporary status holders. Advocates at the meeting Thursday reminded the vice president that she’s the key to winning that relief.

Today Gus, a DACA recipient and UFW activist from WA, met w @VP Harris to discuss legalization for our immigrant communities. Gus and his farmworker family have been actively helping the UFW in mobilize thousands of farmworkers to join the movement for legalization.#WeAreHome— United Farm Workers (@UFWupdates) July 22, 2021

“After months of pressure from our people-powered movement, Democrats have included a pathway to citizenship in their budget reconciliation,” Martinez Rosas continued. “We made clear the critical role Vice President Harris will play in ensuring that Democrats keep their word and deliver on citizenship this year by casting a historic tie-breaking vote. The reality is that the only way to protect immigrant youth, TPS recipients, farm workers and other essential workers is by passing a pathway to citizenship through reconciliation this year.”

Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, tweeted following the meeting that the vice president “was clear: We have her commitment to fight with all her power to win a path to citizenship through reconciliation. The law has to change to bring justice to immigrants.” Applicant Susie Lujano, 28, told Houston Chronicle that she was “optimistic but also realistic. We have to keep pushing, and that’s why we came here today: We want them to know our faces and our stories and realize we’re human beings, not numbers. We’re not an application or 1, 2, 3, 4. We’re human beings with lives and with children who rely on us to take care of them.”

Just came out of meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris @VP and she was clear: We have her commitment to fight with all her power to win a path to citizenship through reconciliation. The law has to change to bring justice to immigrants.— Angelica Salas (@AngelicaCHIRLA) July 22, 2021

Just wrapped up a mtg w/ @vp @KamalaHarris & a group of incredible advocates and dreamers who gathered today to highlight the historic nature of this moment and the urgency with which we need a permanent pathway to citizenship for all of us. #wearehome— Hina Naveed RN JD (@hina_nav) July 22, 2021

Dems, you have already heard our stories and our demands. Today @VP Harris expressed, “The victory is to change the laws. Not to change hearts and minds.” Well, the time to vote yes for a pathway to citizenship via reconciliation is NOW. A change of laws IS the victory.— UndocuBlack Network (@UndocuBlack) July 22, 2021

Congressional Democrats have the power to end this limbo, and as my colleague Joan McCarter recently wrote, there are no more excuses for lawmakers to not act. While we are still waiting for the Senate parliamentarian’s decision on the inclusion of legalization in the reconciliation package, McCarter explained the parliamentarian works for the Senate, not the other way around. “My family has lived in the U.S. for 17 years, not in the shadows, but unprotected,” Diana said according to ABC8 News. “We keep getting let down, again and again.” Can we do better for Diana and many others? We damn well need to.

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Earlier this week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene earned a 12-hour timeout from Twitter after posting some now-deleted (by the company, not by Greene) vaccine disinformation. However, Greene was back by Thursday morning with this post on the topic.

STOP MASKING CHILDREN!!!— Marjorie Taylor Greene 🇺🇸 (@mtgreenee) July 22, 2021

As an illustration of what Greene is all about, the tweet could not be more succinct. Because it came one day after this NBC News article, one of several discussing the sad death of 5-year-old Wyatt Gibson. Wyatt died “in his mother’s arms” after coming down with COVID-19. At 5, the virus caused the young boy to have a stroke. Wyatt’s family said they have “been so careful” throughout the pandemic. It’s not clear if the other members of the family were all vaccinated, but it’s certain that Wyatt was not. Children under 12 can’t get vaccinated at this point. Masks and social distancing are the only protection they have.

Wyatt lived in Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district. Of the 435 congressional districts, Greene’s is number 427 when it comes to getting vaccinated. Greene was almost certainly aware of Wyatt’s death when she posted her tweet. Earlier in the week she laughed over the idea that she had any responsibility to protect the people of Georgia. “You crack me up,” she to a reporter asking about the issue. “You know what? I think people’s responsibility is their own.”

The Washington Post writes, “It is not directly Greene’s fault that the boy died.” Which raises the question: Why the hell not?

Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. Ben Ray Luján had introduced a bill in the Senate called the “Health Misinformation5 Act of 2021” that looks to clamp down on some online speech by poking a hole in the much-debated Section 230 of the Communications Act. The bill would add an exception to the protections that platforms enjoy by making them responsible for “health misinformation” published on the service if that misinformation is promoted “through an algorithm used by the provider (or similar software functionality.” The proposed legislation does not include a definition of health misinformation, but instructs the secretary of Health and Human Services to “issue guidance regarding what constitutes health misinformation.”

The bill is certainly well-intentioned. And it’s not as if everyone hasn’t felt extreme frustration with the amount of misinformation and disinformation being spread both online and through traditional media. But it’s unclear how any such bill would be administered without creating huge levels of challenges. Still, the desire to deliver a swift butt kick—at a minimum—to those who are spreading information that is getting children killed isn’t hard to understand.

But as bad as the damage being done by social media and even Fox News may be, it can’t really top what’s being done by Republicans in Congress and at the state level. 

On Thursday, Florida reported an astounding 12,647 new cases of COVID-19. That’s more cases than the entire country reported a month earlier. Even then, Florida was just one of four states that managed to top 50 cases per 100,000 residents in a single day; it’s joined in that dishonor by Arkansas, Louisiana, and (of course) Missouri.

What did Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis promise as his state hit a level last seen in the first week of February? Here’s a hint: It wasn’t anything “conservative” in the sense that it was cautious or serious. “You got people like Fauci saying that you should be throwing masks on these three-year-old kids,” said DeSantis. “It’s totally unacceptable.” What will DeSantis do? Nothing, saying that it was just a seasonal thing. “We have a summer season here … so you’re going to have greater prevalence through the rest of July, maybe into August, and then it goes back down.”

Wait. Where have we heard this before? Oh … right. 

“You know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April.” — TFG, Feb 10, 2020

Some 35 million cases later, DeSantis is still running with the idea that COVID-19 is a seasonal thing that will go away when the season gets cooler. Or hotter. Or something. All that counts is that the people of Florida have his absolute guarantee that he’s not going to do anything. 

As the CBS station in Miami reported, when a group of doctors asked DeSantis to do something, to come up with some kind of plan, he had a swift response. “It’s easy for some physicians to advocate that because it doesn’t affect them,” said DeSantis. Because sure, doctors are completely unaffected by this pandemic. But don’t worry, DeSantis is still selling “Don’t Fauci my Florida” merchandise at his campaign site, along with items that complain that it’s impossible to drink a beer while wearing a mask.

A Health Misinformation Act that sanctions platforms for promoting false claims is one thing, but when state officials are out there not just pumping the airwaves full of nonsense, but waving off a surge in cases with the promise that eventually people will stop dying … it’s hard to see how anything helps.

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Neither Matt Gaetz nor Marjorie Taylor Greene should be in Congress. Gaetz is still attempting to scurry out from under a likely federal indictment for sex trafficking due to his involvement with a now-indicted Republican ally’s Florida crime spree. Gaetz has been an omnipresent purveyor of bizarre conspiracy theories and Greene was stripped of her House committee assignments for a pattern of inciting violence against Democratic House members.

Despite this, Gaetz and Greene have not only enjoyed the continued (though begrudging, these days) support of their fellow House Republicans, they’ve been engaged on a branded, nationwide fundraising tour to boost cash for their, um, sex-and-violence lifestyle. The “Put America First” tour has been flitting around the country so that enraptured Republican audiences can bask in the glow of the Republican sex trafficking and pro-violent insurrection heroes, at least in the places where they can find venues that will agree to host them. So how’s that working out?

Not well, it turns out! The Daily Beast now reports that the Put America First tour has been hemorrhaging money, with less than $60,000 in reported contributions raised for events that cost almost $290,000 to put on. Team Creepy has, in other words, lost something approaching a quarter million dollars on this tour. And that’s even though Team Creepy was, in the months immediately after the Republican attack on the Capitol building, raking in cash as two of the most prolific Republican fundraisers in the House.

This is not necessarily dire news for the Republican pervert-plus-insurrection duo. A major goal of the Gaetz-Greene appearances is probably just as proof that they can still make such appearances without being booed off the stage; while both have been distanced by House Republican colleagues who really, really do not want to appear in new photographs next to someone who might at any moment be led away in handcuffs for raping a minor or who might pipe up yet again with rhetoric comparing vaccinations to the Holocaust, they are teaming up to prove that among the nastiest element of the Republican base, they both remain welcome.

It’s a dare, of sorts, to their colleagues: cut us loose if you want, but know that among a good chunk of the Republican base, we are the heroes they want to follow, not you.

Unfortunately for Greene and Gaetz, the sort of Republicans who like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene do not seem to be the sort of Republicans who have a lot of disposable income. The Daily Beast reports that the Put America First committee has only received four donations that topped $500 … ever.

There are other signs that members of the pro-Trump, pro-insurrection, pro-sex-crime Republican base are feeling a bit more sluggish in their support than they were earlier in the year. Ticket sales for an announced tour pairing Donald Trump with fired Fox News sex pest Bill O’Reilly have so far been slow, either indicating that support for Trump is petering out a bit, at least when “supporting Trump” requires paying Ticketmaster money, or that Everybody Hates Bill O’Reilly to such an extent that not even Trump supporters are willing to pay to see Trump if Bill O’Reilly is his scabby warmup act.

Similarly, a new “Freedom Phone” being marketed to paranoid Trump conservatives as being the ultimate answer to your super-secret communications needs is being blasted to hell and back for being a seemingly obvious scam—a cut-rate Chinese-made phone with software that may or may not be secure to begin with.

That somebody’s trying to scam conservatives for a quick buck, mind you, is not news. That it might not be working? That’s unheard of.

It’s too early to say what any of this means for the future. Events can and almost certainly will overtake whatever short-term trends Gaetz and Greene are swimming through at the moment. Matt Gaetz, for example, could be arrested for sex crimes. That might sharply reduce donations to his campaign—or, because Republicanism, might double them. Marjorie Taylor Greene might find new fame with a campaign comparing Tide Pods to the Holocaust; she might also stick a fork into an electrical outlet because she thought she saw a communist inside it. It’s anybody’s guess.

For the moment, though, we know that Greene and Gaetz have now bled something quickly approaching a quarter million dollars on a national redemption tour that nobody asked for and that will itself not likely survive whatever new scandals the pair jumps into next. So that’s something.

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Bernie Sanders Almost Matches Hillary Clinton's Fund-Raising 1

Sanders is the first candidate to announce he surpassed 1 million individual online contributions—a milestone he reached earlier in the campaign cycle than President Obama did in both 2008 and 2012. It took Obama until February to reach 1 million donations the first time around, and October the second, according to The Washington Post.
As with Obama, many of Sanders’s donations have been from people contributing small amounts. The campaign said the average donation over the last week was just less than $25. In the last quarter, the campaign said that the average donation was $34.
For her part, Clinton’s campaign said Wednesday that 93 percent of its donations since July were $100 or less. Her campaign expects to meet their goal of $100 million by the end of the year. Sanders, it seems, will be huffing and puffing in her ear the whole way there.

Candidates Eating Food . . . at Least Once

By Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images.
HILLARY CLINTON AND ICE CREAM Here is an image of Hillary Clinton consuming frozen cow’s milk from a small container. Unreal.

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Emily Blunt Stole Her Most Vicious Devil Wears Prada Insult From an Awful Mom She Overheard 2

It’s been nine years since The Devil Wears Prada swept movie audiences into its swirl of deliciously bitchy fashion politics. Since then, there have been some mini-reunions between the comedy’s stars—Meryl Streep terrorized Emily Blunt again in Into the Woods, and Anne Hathaway and Blunt formed something of a book club earlier this month. And while the Runway triumvirate has refused to make the sequel we’ve been yearning for, Blunt did offer up a bit of Devil Wears Prada trivia on Wednesday.
While talking about channeling her bitchy co-assistant character on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM program, the British actress revealed that she actually pulled one of the character’s most cutting lines from a real person.
“I like to soak up people on the street,” Blunt said about her acting process. “I guess I steal from people I meet. Like, I saw a mother speaking to her child in a supermarket when we were shooting that film. And it’s a line that gets quoted back to me now. She yelled at her kid and she kind of opened and closed her hand and she goes [in harsh American accent], ‘Yeah, I’m hearing this, and I want to hear this.’ I went and put it in a movie, when Anne Hathaway is kind of talking to me, and I just told her that [to make her shut up].”

If you don’t remember the line, here it is:

[embedded content]

Blunt continued by explaining how real-life people inspire her performances: “For me, that’s what helps me . . . to feel what other people would feel in my skin. And other times I feel like it is the ultimate expression of empathy, to be so interested in people and empathize with them profoundly.”
Is it too much to hope that the Sicario star sees another awful mom chiding her children in public, so Blunt feels inspired enough to revisit her Devil Wears Prada character? Blunt has said that if Streep were on board, she would consider participating in a sequel: “I think I would do it,” she said. Both Streep and Blunt have one hesitation, however, about revisiting the fashion world for a movie. “We all were told to go on these skinny diets for the first time,” Blunt has said. “But I’d be up for it.”

Portraits from the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival

Photograph by Justin Bishop.
Elizabeth Olsen, I Saw the Light

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