Fascist Bolsonaro supporters attack Congress, presidential palace in Brazilian capital

UPDATE: Sunday, Jan 8, 2023 · 9:28:42 PM +00:00


Bloomberg now reports that law enforcement has retaken control of the Supreme Court building, but there is “extensive” damage.

UPDATE: Sunday, Jan 8, 2023 · 9:16:13 PM +00:00


@LulaOficial addressing nation, begins by denouncing “fascists,” “vandals,” “nazis, stalinists…no, not stalinists, fascists” and criticizing security shortcomings. Everyone involved, he says, will be tracked down and arrested. pic.twitter.com/g4rqa0aKDs

— Andre Pagliarini (@apagliar) January 8, 2023

In scenes nearly identical to those of the Jan. 6 coup attempt in this country, thousands of fascist supporters of former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro have attacked that nation’s Congress, Supreme Court, and presidential palace. Unlike the Jan. 6 coup, however, neither Congress nor the court is is session, and new Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is touring flood damage elsewhere in the country. Bolsonaro himself remains in Florida after traveling to Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club for New Year celebrations.

Video shows the rioters breaking into government buildings and vandalizing exhibitions and offices after pushing through police lines. Bolsonaro’s fascist base has demanded the resignation of the new president and a military takeover of the country rather than abide Bolsonaro’s election loss; the claims are based on evidenceless claims of election fraud and are backed by many of the Republican coup plotters responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

While the Jan. 6 coup attempt was coordinated in order to disrupt a joint session of Congress that would certify the election that Donald Trump, an architect of the coup, sending lawmakers and Trump’s vice president fleeing until the violent rioters had been dispersed, there seems little organizational plan behind the current fascist riots that would lead to the military coup the fascists are demanding.

There is currently no word on when or how law enforcement will disperse the violent crowd.

BREAKING 🇧🇷: Bolsonaristas are invading Congress en masse in Brasilia. pic.twitter.com/6dh3rItJgH

— David Adler (@davidrkadler) January 8, 2023

Unreal. The imagery of the unfolding insurrection in Brasilia is *identical* to that of the January 6 riot at the Capitol. pic.twitter.com/ymctlORIy1

— David Adler (@davidrkadler) January 8, 2023

BREAKING 🇧🇷: The Bolsonaristas have now invaded the floor of the Federal Senate. pic.twitter.com/eBR5Dv2XSl

— David Adler (@davidrkadler) January 8, 2023

Seems familiar pic.twitter.com/nxvdo6rLHx

— Acyn (@Acyn) January 8, 2023

And once again, Twitter let election conspiracy theories run rampant after Musk dismantled all of their trust and safety teams. Now Brazil’s capitol is facing an insurrection. But unlike before, Musk has actively promoted and pushed these conspiracies. https://t.co/rKts84I4Rg pic.twitter.com/iwUIslAtb9

— Alejandra Caraballo (@Esqueer_) January 8, 2023