Here’s a Look at Trump’s VP Shortlist and Why Each Contender May Get Picked

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Cartoon: Trump’s VP shortlist

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The Venezuelan Perspective

At the end of July, Venezuelans head to the polls to elect a new president, with Nicolás Maduro seeking another six-year term. This week on Deconstructed, Ryan Grim speaks with Venezuelan Foreign…

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Here’s a Look at Trump’s VP Shortlist and Why Each Contender May Get Picked

NEW YORK — Donald Trump has narrowed his vice presidential shortlist to a handful of contenders as he prepares to announce his pick in the days before — or perhaps even at…

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Israel Opposes Rebuilding Gaza’s Internet Access Because Terrorists Could Go Online

Israel opposed a proposal at a recent United Nations forum aimed at rebuilding the Gaza Strip’s war-ravaged telecommunications infrastructure on the grounds that Palestinian connectivity is a readymade weapon for Hamas. The…

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Louisiana’s Ten Commandments Law Couldn’t Have Happened Without Trump

This article is part of The D.C. Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox. Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry knew the score when he…

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Texas A&M Wants to Keep Emails About Leonard Leo’s $15 Million Gift Secret

Texas A&M University is trying to withhold dozens of emails from The Intercept about a new research center funded by conservative megadonor Leonard Leo, according to a filing to the state attorney…

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Fails to Qualify for CNN Debate. It’ll Be a Showdown Between Biden and Trump

(COLUMBIA, S.C.) — Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has failed to qualify for next week’s debate in Atlanta, according to host network CNN, falling shy of benchmarks both for state…

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Newsom Wants to Restrict Smartphone Usage in California Schools

Sacramento, Calif. — California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that he wants to restrict students’ usage of smartphones during the school day, citing the mental health risks of social media. The announcement,…

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Trump Is Harnessing Voter Anxiety About Electric Vehicles

This article is part of The D.C. Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox. The actual roadmap for 2024 might have moved when…

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Apple Matches Worker Donations to IDF and Illegal Settlements, Employees Allege

An open letter from Apple employees and shareholders demands the tech giant stop matching employee donations to organizations with ties to the Israeli military assault on the Gaza Strip and ongoing illegal settlement…

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