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Trump Considering Enforceable Quarantine on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

At a time when unity is the only thing that can save us, all Trump knows how to do is divide

A story of 50 states: What’s happening with COVID-19 is not a single tale across America

Todos viveremos a batalha de Milão

Electronic monitoring is hard enough. Coronavirus shelter-in-place requirements make it harder

Progressive ideas are the best during a pandemic … because they’re the best when everything’s fine

Mayors report ‘life-threatening crisis’ as they try to fight COVID-19 without needed equipment

‘As an immigrant and a cook, I’m so humbled’: Chef makes TIME magazine cover during pandemic work

Voting Rights Roundup: Congress’ new stimulus law doesn’t do enough to protect voting in November

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: When you can’t BS your way through a crisis and are forced to deal

The next coronavirus bailout has to be for the people

Top White House advisor suggests coronavirus is the ‘consequential wrath of God’

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Todos viveremos a batalha de Milão 1

Todos viveremos a batalha de Milão

Bombeiros utilizam roupas protetoras durante instrução em Minas Gerais no dia 20 de março de 2020. Foto: Douglas Magno/AFP via Getty Images Este texto foi publicado originalmente na newsletter do Intercept Brasil.…

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Trump Considering Enforceable Quarantine on New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump said Saturday that he had spoken with some governors and was considering some type of an enforceable quarantine to prevent people in New York and parts of…

Coronavírus: ‘não é uma simples gripe’, conta jovem infectada no estágio 4

Coronavírus: ‘não é uma simples gripe’, conta jovem infectada no estágio

Foto: Getty Images Após testar positivo para o novo coronavírus, a universitária Carolina Acosta postou a notícia em seu Facebook e aproveitou para relatar os graves sintomas que sentia. ‘Não é uma…

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U.S. Unemployment Soars by 3.2 Million: How the Coronavirus Jobs Crisis Is Hurting One American City

Just a few weeks ago, things were looking up for Gabrielle Gregory. The Charlotte, NC resident was settling into life with her one-year-old child and saving to buy a house. Her union…

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Trump Fully Invoking The Defense Production Act Would Help, But It Won’t Fix Everything

The U.S. doesn’t have what it needs to fight the novel coronavirus. N95 respirator masks are emergency room workers’ ideal line of defense against the small particles of spittle that can transmit...

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Trump Administration Urged to Free Migrants From Detention as Virus Surges

(WASHINGTON) — Pressure was mounting on the Trump administration Wednesday to release people from immigration detention facilities where at least one detainee has tested positive for COVID-19 and advocates fear tight quarters...

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Trump Wants to Reopen America ‘By Easter.’ But That’s (Mostly) Up to the States, Not the President

Barely weeks into a nationwide social distancing effort to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus, politicians, pundits and health experts are at odds over how long the isolation should last. Some...

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‘It’s Going to Be A Storm.’ As Coronavirus Cases Surge, American Healthcare Workers Don’t Have Enough Protective Gear

At the Southeast Florida emergency room where 62-year-old nurse Penny Blake works, hospital administrators put gloves, cleaning supplies, and N-95 masks behind lock and key because people were stealing them. Twelve hundred...

Coronavírus: ‘na zona norte do Rio, o discurso irresponsável de Bolsonaro pegou’ 11

Coronavírus: ‘na zona norte do Rio, o discurso irresponsável de Bolsonaro pegou’

Vista da favela do Complexo do Chapadão, zona norte do Rio de Janeiro, em 25 de março. As favelas serão as regiões mais afetadas pelo coronavírus por causa da alta densidade populacional....

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