Imagine Trump’s Twitter storm when he sees new ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural outside of Trump Tower

NYT’s Nagourney writes Trump has a harder time defining Biden than Clinton. Now why could that be?

Backers of Medicaid expansion initiative in Missouri launch first TV ad ahead of August vote

At least $1.4 billion in tax-funded COVID-19 relief has gone to tax-exempt Catholic church

As COVID-19 surges in South and West, racial disparities in health, economic distress will intensify

President Trump Commutes Longtime Friend Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence

California is first state to sue Trump admin over dangerous attack on international students

Cheers and Jeers: Rum and Social Distancing FRIDAY!

Green Card Lottery Winners Feel Cheated by Trump’s Visa Bans

The biggest problem with reopening schools safely is we don’t actually know what’s safe

Cartoon: Trump’s monuments

Proud Boys show up to support Pence, Philly police while harassing protesters

Trump locks up 5% of American voters who get warm fuzzies when looking at a Confederate flag

Gen. Mark Milley is almost outraged over Russia putting bounties on the people who report to him

Confidence Interval: Could Trump Win If He Replaces Pence?

What Young Black Voters Think about the 2020 Elections

Goya CEO insists he’s not sorry as loyal customers boycott over comments praising Trump

It’s time for Lisa Murkowski to leave the GOP

How Joe Biden is Defusing Tensions With the Left

Professionals are altering the way they treat addiction and mental illness during the pandemic

Trump botched the pandemic response six ways to Sunday. Now it’s crippling his reelection

Trump Postpones New Hampshire Rally Due to Tropical Storm Fay

Domestic terrorism database of the Trump years shows how the radical right has gone on a rampage

Doctors are shocked that Donald Trump passed a cognitive impairment test

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Confidence Interval: Could Trump Win If He Replaces Pence?

Welcome to another episode of Confidence Interval, where we make a persuasive case for a hot take … and then reveal how confident we really feel about the idea. This time, elections…

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President Trump Commutes Longtime Friend Roger Stone’s Prison Sentence

(WASHINGTON) — President Donald Trump called Roger Stone to inform his longtime political confidant that he would commute his sentence for crimes related to the Russia investigation, Stone told The Associated Press…

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If Talking About Race Hurts Democrats, Why Is Biden So Far Ahead?

After President Trump won the 2016 election, there was a big debate over the role “identity politics” played in his victory. Some scholars argued that many white voters without a college degree…

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How the Supreme Court Delivered Trump a Short-Term Political Win — and a Long-term Loss to His Quest for Broader Power

The Supreme Court handed a short-term political win to Trump on Thursday when justices punted on rulings that will likely keep his financial records out of public view until after the November…

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Supreme Court Says Trump Can Roll Back Access to Birth Control Under the Affordable Care Act

In a 7-2 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld sweeping Trump administration exemptions to the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate that could imperil access to no-cost contraceptives for thousands...

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Ousted New York Prosecutor Tells House Panel William Barr ‘Repeatedly Urged’ Him to Resign

(WASHINGTON) — The ousted U.S. attorney who was leading investigations into President Donald Trump’s allies told the House Judiciary panel on Thursday that Attorney General William Barr “repeatedly urged” him to resign...

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‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural Painted Outside Trump Tower in New York City, With Help From City’s Mayor

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio grabbed a roller Thursday to paint Black Lives Matter in front of the namesake Manhattan tower of President Donald Trump, who...

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How President Trump Politicized School Reopenings

The President practically snarled as he made the accusation. “They think it’s going to be good for them politically, so they keep the schools closed,” Donald Trump said in the East Room...

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Economists Think Congress Could Create An Economic Disaster This Summer

Graphics by Anna Wiederkehr Congress has less than a month to hammer out a deal on the next round of stimulus before expanded unemployment benefits expire. State and local governments are starting...

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