Trump insists a vaccine is coming in October, but the vaccine manufacturers say not until 2021

Democrats Just Won Several Major Lawsuits Over Mail Ballots—But Their Fight Continues

Confirmed: Barr’s Justice Department explored prosecuting Portland officials over protest handling

Another week gone by without the COVID-19 relief stalemate breaking

‘If I’ve got to stand here all day, I’m gonna vote today’— ‘unprecedented’ lines for early voting

As of Today, it’s Election Day in 7 States. Buckle Up

Amid public outcry, judge lowers ridiculous $1 million bond for Pennsylvania protesters

What Would a Biden Presidency Look Like? Obama’s White House Photographer Picks Six Photos That Offer Clues

Trump pushes far-right indoctrination in the name of ‘patriotic education’

Postmaster General DeJoy has rough day in court, in multiple wins for democracy

‘Cancel Rent’ Has Become a Rallying Cry for Cash-Strapped Americans. Here’s Why It Hasn’t Yet Worked in The U.S. City That Championed It

CDC scientists say they had no hand in writing guidelines that called for less COVID-19 testing

There was no attempt to stop COVID-19: ‘The federal government is not going to lead this response’

‘No, no means no’: Another survivor of Trump’s abuse shares Trump’s inability to understand consent

Biden’s CNN town hall performance has Republicans complaining he must have cheated

Yes, antifa is real, FBI chief explains, but it’s ‘not an organization’—contradicting Trump’s tweets

Politics Podcast: Our 2020 Senate Forecast Is Live!

Morning Digest: Don’t sleep on these two key races for secretary of state on the West Coast

Cartoon: Denialism: Not just for climate change anymore!

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The race is in the final stretch with Biden leading, Trump flailing

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How Asian Americans Are Thinking About The 2020 Election

Democrats Are Slight Favorites To Take Back The Senate

2020 Senate Election Forecast

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Politics Podcast: Our 2020 Senate Forecast Is Live!

By Galen Druke and Nate Silver and Galen Druke and Nate Silver   More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS We’ve launched our 2020 Senate forecast, and it shows that the…

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Democrats Just Won Several Major Lawsuits Over Mail Ballots—But Their Fight Continues

After securing a several major court victories on Thursday, Democrats who have been worried about whether the United States Postal Service (USPS) is capable of efficiently and securely delivering ballots before Election…

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How Asian Americans Are Thinking About The 2020 Election

Welcome to Pollapalooza, our weekly polling roundup. Poll of the week Asian American voters didn’t always lean Democratic. In 1992, less than a third of Asian Americans voted Democratic. But nowadays, most…

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Despite Simpatico Politics, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Can’t Make President Donald Trump’s Unemployment Plan Work

This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may be…

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‘Valorize o seu sindicato, camarada’, diz bancário da Caixa envolvido na histórica greve de 1991 12

‘Valorize o seu sindicato, camarada’, diz bancário da Caixa envolvido na histórica greve de 1991

Bancários em campanha por reajuste salarial, no início dos anos 90. Foto: Reprodução/Documentário Não toque em meu companheiro Em sua tentativa recente de emplacar uma imagem jovem nas redes sociais, Fernando Collor...

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Donald Trump Is Losing On An Issue Voters Care A Lot About. Here’s How He’s Trying to Change That

With nearly 200,000 Americans dead from COVID-19 and millions more who lost their health insurance when they lost their jobs this year, President Donald Trump tried this week—as he has done throughout...

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Trump’s Threat to Pull Funding From Schools Over How They Teach Slavery Is Part of a Long History of Politicizing American History Class

With the nation divided along political lines, amid ever-mounting suspicion of supposed outside influences undermining American security, a group of powerful people decided to go right to the root of what they...

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Joe Biden is Running An Invisible Digital Campaign in All-Important Michigan. That’s Making Some Democrats Nervous

Four years ago, Don Sabbe made what he calls a “devastating” mistake. Determined only to cast a vote for a candidate he believed in, he left the top of his ballot blank...

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North Carolina Nurses Win Union in Landslide After Bitter Opposition

In a dramatic victory for the beleaguered American labor movement, 1,800 nurses at Asheville, North Carolina-based Mission Hospital will now be represented by a union, National Nurses United, as officials finished counting...

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