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‘I Dare You to Mock Me.’ Capt. ‘Sully’ Sullenberger Defends Joe Biden Against Attacks on His Speech in New York Times Op-Ed

Retired airline captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger opened up about his history with stuttering in a response to the “cruel remarks” from President Trump’s daughter-in-law mocking Joe Biden‘s speech. Sullenberger, a former pilot best known for landing a commercial jet on the Hudson river in what came to be known as “The Miracle on the Hudson,”…

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How Bernie Sanders is Betting on Outrage

Hugh Espey is sitting in a room strewn with protest signs, pounding the table and talking about why Americans are angry. “We feel that the Democratic Party has sold us down the river,” explains Espey, a veteran political organizer who wears a beanie and talks like he just drank three shots of espresso. “There’s lots…

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